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How to choose the right travel backpack?

We are all well aware of heavy bags or backpacks. It is enough to remember trips to the country or trips to nature, it can be Hiking, hunting, fishing, rafting on the river – you can not do without a backpack here.

After all, there are always a lot of things that you need to take with you to provide yourself with convenience and comfort on the way. However, in such situations, you always think about how to make it easier and more comfortable to carry what is so necessary on the way. Here is with this question and begins choice decent backpack, which will serve you faithfully not one year.

A backpack in a campaign should first of all become your assistant and even your best friend, and not spoil the rest of the enemy, which is why the choice of it should be taken with all responsibility and seriousness. In this issue, you need to take into account everything: the type of tourism, gender, age, and degree of physical fitness of the traveler. In this article, we will tell you a few basic aspects that you need to consider when choosing a tourist backpack, so that your vacation brings you only pleasure and joy.

Look carefully if the model you like has a solid “skeleton”. If it is not available, and the product is easy to fold, then in this case you have a light “soft” option.

This backpack can be convenient and comfortable only in one case-with the correct packing of things that you take with you. But if the design has vertical inserts made of plastic or metal, then this is an anatomical backpack. It is somewhat heavier and costs more than the “soft” version, but it is much more convenient to carry things in it, since the weight is distributed evenly and the traveler’s back remains straight.

How to choose the right travel backpack?

It is reasonable to buy a backpack made of a dense, strong material, the fabric should be dirt-and water-repellent. For greater strength, the fabric is made “reinforced” with a network of thicker thread. Plus, the weight of the fabric plays an important role, the lighter the material, the better. The bottom of the product must be sealed, able to reliably protect from moisture, the seams can be closed with tape or stitched with a double seam.

Pay special attention to the possibility of folding the product. So, in some instances, the valve is unfastened, the straps are folded together, and the backpack turns into a small bag. It happens that the model has special braces, with their help you can attach a bulky object to it that does not fit inside.

If you plan a long enough trip, then the design of the back of the product is important. It is best if elastic vertical pads are inserted into the back.

There is also a solid insert made of Styrofoam, but this option is slightly worse, because this way the back ventilation deteriorates. You should not purchase a backpack model if the back is made of only a few layers of material.

The straps of the product must be thick and soft. Before you buy your favorite model, be sure to try it on – the straps should not be very narrow or, on the contrary, wide. Make sure that there is a mandatory system for adjusting their length. And also look at the fastening of the straps, which should correspond to the growth parameters. It is good when the straps are connected to the chest with a tie, although if they are correctly selected, then you will not need it.

Lap belt

Make sure that your backpack is necessarily equipped with a special waist belt. This belt is able to remove up to 50% of the load from the back. In the area of the waist belt can also be a pillow, which is very convenient, because it is able to properly unload the straps.

About pockets. In modern models of backpacks, there are quite a lot of them, which, of course, is very convenient in terms of storing various things, but it is also difficult. As a rule, the flap will contain a pocket for a Cape, compass, or knife. Plus, pockets can be on the sides or on the back of the product, but the more of them, the more difficult it will be for you to pack a backpack in the trunk of a personal vehicle, as well as to ride with it on public transport.

How to choose a travel backpack?

Choosing a backpack carefully, taking into account various nuances, and not buying the first model that you just like in appearance, you will definitely find a real friend and assistant in the journey.


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