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Welcome To Montenegro!

You can experience the beauty of a holiday in the Mediterranean and feel almost at home, perhaps, only in Montenegro.

Your tour to this Balkan country can be active, informative and short, or it can have a relaxed “country format”that is more familiar to our compatriots.

Montenegrins are a small southern Slavic people, Orthodox and very colorful.

Montenegro has long-standing historical, religious and cultural ties with Russia,and the attitude towards Russians (and they are considered to be all people from the former Soviet Union) is traditionally friendly.

The cordiality and hospitality of local residents plus visa-free entry, two international airports have turned this small country into a stronghold of Russian tourism in the Balkans. Not only traditional holidays on the coast are very popular among Russians, but also buying and renting real estate for the summer season.

Rest in Montenegro is accepted in small towns and villages along the Adriatic coast, the resort service is developed very well. However, Montenegro should not be considered a purely resort country: tourists who are tired of “seal” reclining on the beach, there is always something to do and see.

Montenegrins managed to defend their independence, religion and national identity during the centuries-long struggle against various invaders, and this is reflected in the monuments of history, culture and art.

The Town Of Herceg-Novi

The town of Herceg Novi, located at the mouth of the Bay of Kotor, well illustrates the above. More precisely, the historical part of the old city with winding streets, small squares and two fortresses that protected them for six hundred years: on the mountain above the city and on the sea shore. And here, in Herceg Novi, is a Spa center known throughout Europe for its healing Sands. People from different countries who want to improve their health in Herceg Novi sign up for treatment in a few months.

Maximus night club in Kotor

Visiting historical and cultural monuments does not exclude typical resort entertainment. They are provided by an extensive network of night clubs, the most famous being Maximus, located in the port of Kotor in a former fortress adjacent to the city wall. The most famous European DJs regularly perform here.

Splendid Casino Royale

It is worth mentioning this fact – gambling is officially allowed in Montenegro, several casinos operate in Budva, Podgorica and Kotor. Most often, roulette, poker, Blackjack, and dice are played here.

The winding coastline attracts many yachtsmen to Montenegro

And the winding coastline attracts many yachtsmen to Montenegro, and there is a well-organized rental of yachts and other small vessels.

In conclusion, we need to sort out a little confusion with the capitals of Montenegro. According to the country’s Constitution, the official capital is the city of Cetinje. The city was historically the center of Montenegrin statehood and Orthodox faith, and the residence of Montenegrin kings was also located in Cetinje. However, in 1946, the capital was moved to Podgorica, renamed Titograd by that time, in honor of the then Communist leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. In 2006, after Montenegro gained independence, Cetinje received the title of capital again, but the main part of state institutions remained in Podgorica. Therefore, both cities are considered capitals: Cetinje – official and cultural, Podgorica – political and business.


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