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The main pros and cons of flights with transfers

Flights with transfers or transit flights are not uncommon for travelers, many of them are afraid, and completely in vain. It is understandable to worry about possible delays and inconsistencies in flights – this is not so terrible.

And it is simply impossible to get to some parts of the world without direct flights. So you need to perceive the transfer as an inevitable element of your journey, you can even try to benefit from it.For example, to get acquainted with a new city for you, at least within the airport.

First, you should agree on concepts. Connecting – a flight with a transfer on the same ticket issued, as a rule, by the same airline. In this case, the passenger leaves the plane and enters the transit zone, where without passing customs control and any marks in the passport, he gets on another aircraft that is going to the destination. Docking can last from 45 minutes to a day, but usually takes from two to six hours.

Check-in for a connecting flight is performed once at the port of departure. Baggage is also checked in to the destination, and you do not need to get it at the docking airport. All responsibility for flight delays and baggage delivery falls on the airline.

Important: if a passenger is late for a connecting flight due to the airline’s fault, or if this flight is delayed for a long time due to its own fault, the airline’s representatives must provide him with food and a hotel.

Now about a flight with a transfer – a situation where a passenger has to buy two separate tickets to get to their destination. Accordingly, two check-ins for flights are required, as well as a new baggage check-in. In such cases, you should carefully plan your time so as not to be late for the desired second flight, because if you are late in such cases, the entire responsibility will fall on the passenger, and not on the airline. The possibility of flight delays should also be kept in mind.

Your journey from your departure point to your destination will take much longer than on a direct flight. This is especially inconvenient and unprofitable for a short vacation, such as a two-or three-day weekend. It happens that a flight with a transfer is not made from the arrival airport, and you have to get to the desired airport yourself, sometimes across the city.

In addition, for those who are too worried at the time of takeoff and landing, the transfer is an additional stress.

The biggest plus is, as a rule, the price. Tickets with a transfer are often bought precisely because a direct flight is significantly more expensive.

Transplant – the ability to stretch your legs and entire body between flights. Therefore, two flights of three hours are sometimes easier to carry than one of six hours.
Many countries issue a transit visa for transfers, which allows you to leave the airport and see local attractions.

In General, the decision on a direct or connecting flight, if there is a choice, should be made depending on your priorities. So you need to decide which is more important: get there faster or save money?


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